Exploring San Marco

One of the things I love to do is explore, whether it’s the city I live in or a town 3 hours out. I feel like new experiences are what makes me excited when it comes to daily life. I’m a routine kind of person. I like to have a schedule. I plan trips out to the T! I mean when my husband likes to tell me of plans he knows weeks out a day ahead I mentally cant handle it. So when it comes to getting out of the house I always will plan the day out. On occasion I’ll be spontaneous but we all know us moms kind of have to a plan or else it’s a total fail.

Liam is such a good toddler at least now, I feel like the older he is getting the more curious he becomes so it’s super exiting to get out of the house and have him see places for the first, 3rd or tenth time.

Living in Florida especially northern part I feel like there isn’t much to do. A lot of things are on repeat. But we have favorite places besides the beach that we love to explore and one of them is a little area of San Marco. With all the restaurants, historic homes and coffee shops it’s such a fun place to hang out for a few hours. Even tho it’s less then 20 min drive I tend to hate passing downtown just to get there. I’m a city girl for sure, I just don’t like driving through them haha.

These photos are from a few weeks back I never got to share.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I know I’ve been slacking. If it’s not one thing it’s another and life is not slowing down. Promise I’ll always make an effort to post!

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Pasito a pasito Barcelona

One of the amazing things about social media and having an outlet on instagram is having to find and also be able to collaborate with some amazing brands. One brand in particular that I’m so grateful for is Pasito a Pasito.

This beautiful Spanish brand is based on Barcelona, Spain and makes beautiful baby luggage and accessories.

I’m so thankful to them for sending and spoiling liam with some of their products and to be honest with you guys I’m in love. This wasn’t asked of them I just wanted to write a blog post and rave about the items that I was lucky enough to receive.

I own the Ines maternity suitcase and matching lunch bag in the beige/cream color. It’s a beautiful suitcase that can be used for travels, hospital stays or even as an extra carry on for long days out of the house. The matching lunch bag is probably the most used item. It’s made of such good quality and is so handy especially with taking Liam’s bottles and snacks or if the house. I used to bring everything in my neverful GM and it became just to much and way to heavy to tug around. I usually hang it on the handle of my stroller or have it in my storage bag attached to my stokke xplory stroller to keep Liam’s milk/yogurt or other snacks in a cooler area away from the Florida sunshine. I love that it’s insulated so that his food doesn’t get spoiled to fast either and especially for long travels this is so essential.

He also loves the little beige bear pacifier clip with the paci attached. Liam stopped taking a pacifier a few months ago especially when he was teething so now chewing on it is what he likes to use it for but once in a while he will take it and my heart melts because it’s truly way to adorable. The stuffed teddy bear is also a precious little toy and matches perfectly with the pacifier clip.

I simply adore this brand and feel extremely thankful that they chose to mail liam these goodies.

Here is a link to their webpage. They have amazing goodies from diaper bags to stroller accessories and much more.


Here is the link to the beige Ines lunch bag


Here is the link to the beige Ines suitcase


Link to Birth book (not pictured)


Here is the link to the teddy bear pacifier/clip



Here is the link to the stuffed bear/toys


If your looking to purchase in the US I recommend going through luli.bebe to get the items but defiantly check the Pasito website for all the cute stuff they have and also to see where the nearest boutique that sells in your country.


Liam’s cashmere hat/ pramsuit & blanket is linked in my last post.

Stroller is by stokke.

Thanks so much for checking out my post, see you soon !

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Bébé and cashmere

There is something so sweet about a little bebé or toddler dressed in cashmere and fur. I’ve always loved neutral tones on on babies even for myself and trying to step away from to much color. Especially when it comes to the little ones closet I personally think the more neutral outfits the easier they are to style and to mix it up so the outfits are not on a constant repeat.

I fell in love with this beautiful cashmere pram suit by the brand mini muse. Before the brand even posted anything on their instagram (which I remember stumbling across their page and likening the first 3 photos). The beautiful @allthingsvictoria sent me a few shots of the items before they had posted on the site and guys I was dreaming! Then came Christmas time and the brand was doing an amazing discount on their whole site but for some reason I just couldn’t bite the bullet just because Liam already had some new pieces and I was trying to be good during the crazy holiday shopping. Fast forward to now the brand does a sweet collab with Victoria and they offer another promotion code. So as crazy as I can be I kept asking Victoria and bugging her to see if I should get this cute set and with her “blessing” lol I went for it.

This little back story is just to show how I’m definitely not a spontaneous shopper. I like to think and think for ages before I take the plunge and when it comes to things that are not cheap I think it’s important. I believe the promotion is still happening for all the items in this shop and personally this pram suit is worth every penny. It’s thick, soft and so beautiful. Our weather is in the 80s right now so I’m hoping for the cold days we get in March that liam will wear it. It’s pretty big or generous in size and I’m really hoping it fits him next winter as well, I mean he fit into the 12 months mebi pram suit so I think the investment was worth it and hopefully if there is ever another little bundle of joy it will get passed down.

Here is the link to the beige cashmere pram suit!


Here is the link to the beige cashmere pom blanket!


Here is the link to Liam’s cashmere baby hat in the color cream!


Here is the link to Liam’s cashmere teddy!


Also check out these brands on IG! This isn’t sponsored by any means I just love beautiful cashmere bebé pieces and on occasion I’ll get questions where something is from. This is why I created this blog in the first place so that we can all share amazing products and make life just a little be easier.

If you do purchase from mini muse use these codes below to receive a discount!

20% off use code Victoria off 200€ or more

15% off use code Victoria15 off the whole site

Ends last day of February so order before to get some good deals!

Oscar et valentine is another beautiful French cashmere brand I love and is doing a 50% off so check them out on some of their summer pieces.

mi_loves_ always has amazing cashmere hats definitely recommend checking this British brand out!

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Be My Valentine

I’ve never really been big on celebrating Valentine’s Day, but it seems the older I’m getting the more I realize that a special day set aside doesn’t hurt to have just for the ones you love.

If your a mama like me then you probably love it even more now, because of all the cute activities your kids will do in school and bring home. All the adorable photos you can take of your little ones (which now I am starting a tradition with these red and pink heart shaped balloons from my local dollar tree). Liam is at the cute and fun age where everything is silly and funny and I just adore capturing it all.

I love the mommy and me time we have. So we did a mini photoshop on my iPhone behind a home goods (of all places) because that wall was just to perfect. Sometimes doing little things like getting a few balloons and taking a quick photo may not seem like much but down the road you will notice how precious those sweet little moments were.

|Liam’s outfit|

Cashmere hat in cappuccino | @mi_loves_


Ruffled navy Bodysuit | misha and puff


Grey Cashmere knit | zara boy (sold out)

Cream Cashmere leggings | Oscar et valentine


Shoes | age of innocence


Angel wings | joliment.market (shop is officially closed but the owner will be selling patterns soon) you can find her on Instagram.


My Outfit |

Pink blazer | AX Armani Exchange

Pink Scarf | Louis Vuitton


White blouse, grey knit & hat| Abercrombie & Fitch

Faux leather leggings | Nordstrom rack

Boots | Stuart weitzman OTK highland


Bag | Chanel


Travel suitcase | Pasito a Pasito


Happy V day lovelies , come back and visit for my next posts!



Top 10 Valentine’s Day His & Hers Gift Guide!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, are you stuck on what to give your significant other? Are you participating in a Galentine’s and want to get the perfect gift for one of your close girlfriends! I’ve spent a few hours browsing the Nordstrom website and came up with 10 his and hers gifts that go from $50-$1000 but trust me with a little browsing you can get some amazing gifts on a real budget.

First find out what your looking for it will be easier to narrow down. If it’s for her then focus on makeup/skincare/jewelry/clothes or accessories but if your truly lost then maybe go the easy route and get a nice candle, or a beautiful coffee table book.

Guys are pretty easy to shop if you also stick with a category. Is he into colognes or is he a watch guy. Does he collect shoes or sunglasses or is he an outdoors guy. I tend to buy my husband clothes, shoes and colognes but that’s because he uses it so why not get something that you know they need right?

Here is my top ten for the ladies.

Here are links to all the items pictured above.

Check out the Giant Check Print Wool & Silk Scarf from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3092484

Check out the Rose Delight Candle (Limited Edition) from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4864929

Check out the Bloom Eau de Parfum from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4699204

Check out the ‘Monogram’ Credit Card Case from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4379637

Check out the Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3717457

Check out the slip™ for beauty sleep ‘Slipsilk™’ Pure Silk Pillowcase from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4186794

Check out the slip™ for beauty sleep Slipsilk™ Pink Kisses Pure Silk Sleep Mask (Nordstrom Exclusive) from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4794882

Check out the Princetown Loafer Mule (Women) from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4262998

Check out the Beauty Bioscience® GloPRO® Rose Gold Microneedling Regeneration Tool & Eye MicroTip™ Set (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($329 Value) from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4798132


Here is my top ten for the gentlemen in your life.

Here are the links for your connivence.

Check out the BLEU DE chanel Eau de Parfum Pour Homme Spray from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3948795

Check out the Marmont Logo Leather Belt from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4497206

Check out the Scuff Slipper (Men) from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2777632

Check out the 57mm Aviator Sunglasses from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4246641

Check out the ® Morris Park Razor & Travel Kit ($166 Value) from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4821695

Check out the for Men Well Traveled Well Groomed Set ($62 Value) from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4647297

Check out the ‘Aventus’ Fragrance from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3658281

Check out the ‘Classic Clubmaster’ 51mm Sunglasses from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3142275

Check out the Sandon Haymarket Card Case from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4702534

Check out the Trim Fit Dot Dress Shirt from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4895211

Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment tell me what’s your favorite gift to give? Do you prefer chocolates and flowers?

Xo, Jewels

10 Newborn Must-Haves!

Now that my little Liam is already 16 months I wanted to share some of my favorite newborn/baby essentials and gear that have been an absolute favorite of mine and also what maybe wasn’t.

1.Stokke Xplory Stroller

Check out the Xplory® V5 Stroller from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4531564

I can’t rave enough about my Stokke Xplory stroller. Its so comfortable and super stylish. I love how Liam can face me when we are out for a stroll or have him face forward so he can see the world! The stroller comes with tons of extra accessories like carseat attachments, bassinet or even a winter kit which it is sold separately but if your investing with your first baby its pretty great to have. I also love the bag that attaches to the stroller, there is a rain and mosquito net that is included. Overall its an amazing stroller and a great investment. We always get compliments when out and about.

2.Maxi Cosi Infant Car seat

Check out the ‘Mico 30’ Infant Car Seat from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4350134

When I was researching infant carseats while I was still pregnant one of the things I needed was a light carseat because I knew with Liam that I would have to have a c-section and one thing I didn’t need was caring a extremely heavy car seat. Another key factor which was super important was safety. These two things I found in the maxi cost infant carseat. Also the great thing with this carseat is that you can buy an attachment which can go on most new strollers including the Stokke which would make it easier for on the go mamas.

3. Mamaroo Baby swing by 4moms

Check out this item at Target https://www.target.com/p/4moms-174-mamaroo-174-baby-swing-gray/-/A-52338571

This is an essential with an infant and can be used up until 6 months or longer depending on your babies weight. Liam would take the longest naps in the swing and it made it so much easier for this mama after surgery. Honestly it doesn’t matter what swing you get babies love movement because it reminds them of the womb but since this is the one I had, totally recommend!

4.Breast Pump

Check out this item at Target https://www.target.com/p/medela-pump-in-style-advanced-breast-pump-backpack/-/A-10762066

This is basically as essential as it gets. Now if you plan to only breastfeed thats awesome but not every baby does and for most mamas this is extremely helpful. Liam wasn’t a breastfeeding baby from the beginning it took me 5 months of trying to get him to nurse so having a breast pump was a key for him to get the best nutrition. Im so thankful I got to nurse/pump for 11 months with Liam and honestly I don’t know what I would of done if I didn’t have a pump. I did purchase mine from target at first but if your insurance covers breast pump which is most likely does you will pay a very small amount compared to the retail price which can get pretty costly!

5.Dock-a-tot Deluxe

Check out this item at Target https://www.target.com/p/dockatot-deluxe-plus-dock-pristine-white/-/A-51818615

This is something I wish I had 9 years ago with my first born. My first boy was an emergency c-section so I had a really rough labor with him. Coming home in complete shock and having to constantly get up during the night was extremely painful. Having a dock a tot with Liam was a life saver. I loved having him next to me and also after the first month he slept all through the night. I honestly think it had to do with the snuggle feel which reminds babies of the womb. Liam was a big boy so he grew out of it after 6 months and slept in his crib afterwards but Im so glad that I invested.


Check out the Silky Soft Pack of 3 Swaddling Cloths (Nordstrom Exclusive) from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4630836

This is key, every baby needs to be swaddled so that they can sleep without waking themselves up from movements. They are so used to being in a tight space for 9 months so it’s really important to swaddle your little one. My favorite was the silky soft swaddles. You can find them pretty much anywhere even home goods has some. Try to have plenty because it’s a constant was and fold situation.

7.Baby Bottles

Natursutten Glass Baby Bottles with Newborn/Slow Flow Rubber/Latex Nipple, Clear, 2 … https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01673596S/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_rqtGAb7GRCQS3

Check out this item at Target https://www.target.com/p/baby-bottle-set-lifefactory/-/A-17213667

Check out the Baby Slow Flow Bottles (2-Pack) from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3962814


There are lots of different baby bottles. I personally prefer glass especially when dealing with breast milk. Once the little ones are over a year or even formula fed I would recommend getting either the Comotomo bottles or the Twistshake baby bottles especially with formula it’s so convenient. I loved using the natursutten bottles with breast milk because it was an easy grip to feed and the fact that they where glass made me at ease.

use code everythingjewels to get up to 60% off the Twistshake neon collection.

8.Baby Shampoo & Skincare products

Check out the Newborn Arrival Gift Set from Nordstrom: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/4699682

I used mustela with both my boys and it’s been my go to product. Again there are tons of amazing baby shampoos out there. Do your research as far as the ingredients. Now that liam is Oder I mix his shampoos often.

9.pampers swaddle diapers

Check out this item at Target https://www.target.com/p/pampers-swaddlers-diapers-giant-pack-select-size/-/A-15122174

I’ve used so many diapers probably every brand that exists. I’ve tried as organic as they get and cloth diapers but truthfully I love the pampers ones. They don’t leak for the most part and are super soft on a babies skin.

10. Baby Camera & Noise maker

Check out this item at Target https://www.target.com/p/nokia-digital-homevideo-baby-monitor/-/A-52421466

Honestly for these two definitely try to find the one that will work for you. I found a camera in the clearance section at target that works with WiFi so I can connect on my iPad. With the noise maker you can easily download apps on your phone or iPad and have that going 24/7. I have a spare iPad that plays calm water sound all day long. I made sure from the beginning liam was used to some sort of nose.

Thanks so much for reading this post I hope it was a little helpful. There is so much stuff a baby needs but these are the basics.

Xo, Jewels

Manhattan, NY

Day 3: Friday

What’s on the agenda, Top of the Rock, Ladureé, central park, shopping!

Disclaimer: My memory is getting slighted faded at this point, but I will try my best to remember the whole entire day. I’m pretty sure there will be a few details that I will miss, but as always I’ll be as detailed as possible. Did you grab a snack? No ? Well I would advice you do because this post will most likely be pretty long.

Our wake up call, and getting out of the hotel was basically by 9am. Getting a good nights rest is pretty hard when your not in the comfort of your own home in your own bed, at least for myself I have noticed I am most comfortable in my own bed, in my home snuggled up with my most comfortable blanket and pillow. So since it’s the last day of being in New York I knew we had to see what was finally on my travel list! TOP OF THE ROCK! Have lunch at Ladureé, and maybe get some shopping in as well!

Since I didn’t want to miss going up to the top of the rock again, the night before I made reservations online and purchased our tickets. Honestly I recommend doing that if your tying to time everything out, other then that there are always slots open during the day, it just wasn’t in our schedule so I and super glad we did it first thing in the morning.

Before going up to the top of the rock there is a video that you watch about how Rockefeller center was built etc. Also it goes by groups everyone has to stay and watch while people go up the elevator about 8-12 humans at a time. Once you go up there are two levels the lower level is where there is glass around the building, if you want to have a more clear background then go to the top level. You get to see the whole manhattan from all angles. One side has the empire state building while the other side has the whole central park.The view is out of this world. For anyone who is thinking to go there I highly recommend it. Thanks to my beautiful Instagram friend @allthingsvictoria for basically giving me a must “to do list” in the city. This was something I was looking so forward to and it didn’t disappoint. Next time I go to New York city I am definitely going back and getting tons of pictures.

After our awesome view, the next to do of my list was having lunch at Ladureé, this is basically every persons place to visit if your a huge french pasty lover as I am. One thing I regret from the get go is that we didn’t do the bus tour. Personally its easy you just get on the bus and it makes stops throughout manhattan. As long as you have the map and know exactly where it stops it will save some time. We ended up doing it on the last day because my feet where killing me and I was just tired of following my hubby around lol. No joke I had blisters on my feet and I don’t think he got it. Ive mentioned this in my lasts posts that if you have a schedule try to stick to it so you get as much out of the city as you can. Yes you can just start from one point and keep walking but us being there for 3 days we managed to get 25 miles of walking. That is quit a lot and its not worth it because your so exhausted from walking you won’t enjoy the city, shopping or anything else for that matter.

Ladureé has the best latte, honestly I’m still craving it. The pastry are out of this wold stunning, for all the macaroon lovers this place is for you. I can’t remember exactly what my husband and I ordered but personally we both were not that impressed. The service was a bit slow too and I wouldn’t say they where that busy either. If it seems I have high expectations when I eat out thats because I do. I am a major foodie but I also believe highly in excellent customer service. Would I go back there? Yes I would, and I would most likely try something different from the menu or even go just for desserts.

My husband and I ended up going on the TOP tour bus, we didn’t get a chance to make it to the statue of liberty ferry because it took us to long to figure out what we wanted to do. I want to walk less and my husband wanted to walk more lol. We still managed to walk a lot that day so truthfully I regret paying for the tour bus but we did spend a good hour on it driving though manhattan, Soho, West Village, Chinatown, Chelsea etc.

Taking the tour bus at least for one day is nice that you can see everything at once. The views from the top of the bus are pretty cool. We got to see the Empire state building, one world trade center, the new York public library, Penn station, grand central station, pass through Bryant park, Flat Iron building, my favorite was passing through fashion Ave. Just to see so much in such a short time frame is pretty cool. Hands down my favorite was the streets of Soho. Something about it just made me feel alive and also made me miss the city so much.

After having lunch we continue to walk because we couldn’t figure out the next bus stop. And my husband isn’t one to wait, he would just keep walking so I basically ended up following him around lol. Funny now but it wasn’t funny then, seriously my poor feet.

The last on my to do list was to see and walk through central park. Well since we ended up walking from Soho to Central park I was officially done from walking. Im a little sad we didn’t actually walk through central park or do the free bike rental that came as part of the bus tour package (btw another reason why its worth getting a bus tour because so much in included, even for one day I say its worth the experience) although we didn’t go in and walk around I am pretty happy that we still managed to go there. By this time the day was coming to an end. We went into about 3-4 Zara stores and I think from how tired  I was there was no interest to shop.

For dinner time another place Victoria recommended was going into the “fancy food court” at the plaza hotel. She was so right and I am so glad we went there. I don’t have any pictures saved since everything was on my IG story, but I’m pretty sure you can google and get an idea of what kinds of restaurants and small food courts they have. I had the tuna poke salad bowl and it’s the best one I’ve ever had. Victoria also recommended these little donuts with the “Paris” flavor and they hit the spot. Once hubby and I ate we basically just continued to explore the beautiful city. We walked into trump tower but everything was basically closed except the Starbucks. We went into so many different coffee shops during our trip, I don’t think I have ever drank so much caffeine in my life, well worth it!

By the end of our day we got back to the hotel around 8, i was pooped, so my husband ended up checking out a close pizza place that had the nest ratings. We basically had to hit the bed early as our wake up call was at 4am.

If you have made it all the way down here high five! I tend to get carried away with these long posts so I will try to keep them shorter in the future. I just get so excited about sharing that I want to make sure I put as much detail into it as possible!

Thanks for reading about my New York city experience. Leave a comment if you plan to go anytime soon and if any of my travel tips are helpful!

Xo, J