Palms & pineapples| Liam’s 2nd birthday party

Can’t believe that my little baby is a running around busy little toddler now. Gosh does time sure knows how to fly.

Before planning Liam’s birthday party I always like to pin my favorite themes on Pinterest. Believe it or not but about a year ago when I started out blogging one of the names I wanted for my blog was palms and Pineapples. One I live in Florida and two I just really love pineapples Lol.

I know it sounds cheesy but obviously I didn’t go with it. So instead that ended up being Liam’s theme. I went back and forth first I wanted a more desert theme with palms and cactus and have a taco bar set up that way I can call his theme taco bout two but I totally forgot to order all the decor for it in advance and what I had purchased months before just wasn’t enough. Good thing I had plenty of pineapples and all I needed was to work around it and make the theme my own.

Last year Liam’s theme was a vintage lemonade stand and because it had a yellow tone I just didn’t want more yellow but still wanted to have pineapples be the center. I found these gorgeous palm legacies art at my local target and boom it all just started to come together. Honestly I love how it turned out. I could of added more to it and really make it. Pop but I’ll be honest, birthday decor isn’t cheap and as much as I love planning and decorating it can get pricy.

I incorporated pineapples in as much as I could. Having frozen pineapple cubes added into the infused water with some strawberries. A adorable art piece that says “your the pineapple of my eye” love it and I acoutally bought that about a year ago from home goods and it’s come in handy.

I won’t be able to link everything but I can easily add the stores where everything was from down here for you guys. Some of it might be helpful.

Pretty much everything is from target. The large pineapple ballon I purchased months ago at target before their summer party supplies sold out during the summer.

The two palm leaves art work also from target and currently is available so if you how they look against the wall and want something like it as a party backdrop or just to hang I loved how they looked!

Same with the letter board also from target and it’s as well available for purchase. Only $14 so worth it.

My romper and tank/dress is from my local bunulu store I absolutely am obsessed and the quality is amazing.

Liam and Adriel wore matching shirts from crew cuts that I ended up snatching up on clearance from my local Nordstrom rack. Went perfectly with the palm leaf theme.

Liam’s shorts are also by crew cuts and I purchased them from Nordstrom.

Rug is from pottery barn kids from years ago.

Fiddle leaf fog tree is from ikea and it’s faux.

Basket is from home goods.

White tray table is from west elm.

If you want to know where something is from just send me a comment below.

Hope this inspires you to create something similar. Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

Xo J

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