Review of the NET stroller by Inglesina

I’ve been using the Net stroller for a few months now and it’s safe to say now that I can give an honest opinion. I love this brand and did you know it’s been around since 1963? And it’s not just a brand for strollers they offer other quality baby goods too! One of the reasons why I choose to purchase the Net stroller because I wanted a easy umbrella style stroller that wouldn’t break the bank but also was functional and made of excellent quality. I would have to say the Net stroller is definitely functional and definitely quality. I love how smooth it is to push it and folding is a breeze. Another cool little feature is that the stroller can stand when folded which is neat when you don’t want to get it dirty.Initially when I purchased the stroller I was not impressed with the cup holder with how easy it can turn over while testing it out. I have to say now that after using it I haven’t had any issues and no drinks spilled so that’s a awesome thing to have on a umbrella style stroller that normally they don’t have. The seat can recline back just enough for liam to be comfortably napping without his head falling forward. It doesn’t lay flat but gives enough room back which also is great.The storage on the bottom of the stroller is fair. Again roomy for this type of a stroller. It’s another little perk that’s great to have without needing to compromise. The stroller is pretty tall. I’m 5’2 almost and it’s very comfortable for me but also is very comfortable to use for my husband who is 6’3 without him needing to bend down to push it. The stroller is so lightweight, even with Liam being in it I don’t feel the strain to push it. I purchased it as a backup for trips but I’ve been using it a lot and I’m so glad I purchased it. Also the insert in the stroller is washable and the fabric is breathable with is great for our Floridian climate. If I was to pick one thing that I might dislike would be the buckle. There are two parts that connect and then buckle up. Honestly now that I’ve got the hang of it it’s not that bad but it would of been easier if it was just one piece connected and then buckled in. Otherwise I have to say it’s a fantastic stroller. If you want quality you will get it with the NET stroller. When I was shopping around for a umbrella stroller one thing I noticed is that it’s either the cheap $30 ones that don’t have anything included not even a sunshade, or they are in the 60-90 price point but not from a amazing brand. If your curious and need a new stroller or one as a backup check this Net stroller out at your local target or online which is how I purchased mine and if you have a target card save 5% !Hope you enjoyed my review and stay tuned for lots of post including this stroller! Xo Jules! PSHere is a link to the brand for all their amazing strollers!

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