Airport MUST haves with a toddler!

Traveling with toddlers is no joke, it’s not the hardest thing in the world but if your flying as a solo parent then it can be a bit chaotic. First off you have all the extra “crap” excuse my French that has to come along. Going from maybe one suitcase and a carry on all of a sudden you have two suitcases, two carry one, a stroller, and a very curious little human who thinks the airport is a giant playground to explore.

So what did I bring on the plane with me? Here is my list.

• Baby boys backpack that included:

• 1 extra outfit, a pair of leggings and a bodysuit

• 5 extra diapers and wipes

• One sippy cup but empty to only fill with water when needed

• 2 bottles with almond milk

• 1 snack container with organic cheddar bunnies crackers

• 1 peter rabbit sauce packet

• hand sanitizer

• chapstick

• cashmere bebé hat Incase liam would get cold on the plane.

I also had a large carry on bag with me on the way to Minnesota which on the way back I ended up stuffing into one of my suitcases and just bringing my LV neverful on the plane instead because it was to bulky and heavy on the flight there. In that spare bag I had room for Liam’s iPad, and my things.

I decided not to bring on board to many of Liam’s toys or books which I did have 2 little kids books that they hand out in the kids meal at Chick-fil-A , who knows what I’m talking about? I figured if they got lost I wouldn’t be so upset. Liam ended up playing on the iPad, and then just exploring the plane he didn’t last to long sitting still looking at books because he was way to excited to see everything around him. Since there is no free WiFi on the plane and southwest charges $8 bucks per flight. Now I did have a layover both times so if I did purchased it that’s $16 bucks for one trip and another $16 back. That comes to $32 just on WiFi!

That is insane and not something I wanted to spend on.

One thing I’m glad I downloaded on the iPad was the KidloLand app, what is KidloLand you may ask? Well it’s a popular toddler app for kids under 5 to learn ABCs, animals, fruits, vegetables, shapes, seasons, occupations, weather and more with the help of 1000+ interactive nursery rhymes, songs, stories and educational activities.

I downloaded few of the games, stories, rhymes before the plane took off so that Liam could use the iPad with no need for internet connection. It’s an amazing app after using it for a few weeks now I must say it might just be one of the best and only apps needed to teach your toddler all the basic skills plus lots of activities to make it fun. Check out this app in your IOS store or android device. Or on the computer. I even have it on my phone as a back up if I need a little distraction.

440+ mom bloggers have recommended KidloLand. Check out their stories here:

KidloLand has also won the Mom’s Choice Gold Award.

More posts to come about our little trip! Stay tuned!

Xo J

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