Pasito a pasito Barcelona

One of the amazing things about social media and having an outlet on instagram is having to find and also be able to collaborate with some amazing brands. One brand in particular that I’m so grateful for is Pasito a Pasito.

This beautiful Spanish brand is based on Barcelona, Spain and makes beautiful baby luggage and accessories.

I’m so thankful to them for sending and spoiling liam with some of their products and to be honest with you guys I’m in love. This wasn’t asked of them I just wanted to write a blog post and rave about the items that I was lucky enough to receive.

I own the Ines maternity suitcase and matching lunch bag in the beige/cream color. It’s a beautiful suitcase that can be used for travels, hospital stays or even as an extra carry on for long days out of the house. The matching lunch bag is probably the most used item. It’s made of such good quality and is so handy especially with taking Liam’s bottles and snacks or if the house. I used to bring everything in my neverful GM and it became just to much and way to heavy to tug around. I usually hang it on the handle of my stroller or have it in my storage bag attached to my stokke xplory stroller to keep Liam’s milk/yogurt or other snacks in a cooler area away from the Florida sunshine. I love that it’s insulated so that his food doesn’t get spoiled to fast either and especially for long travels this is so essential.

He also loves the little beige bear pacifier clip with the paci attached. Liam stopped taking a pacifier a few months ago especially when he was teething so now chewing on it is what he likes to use it for but once in a while he will take it and my heart melts because it’s truly way to adorable. The stuffed teddy bear is also a precious little toy and matches perfectly with the pacifier clip.

I simply adore this brand and feel extremely thankful that they chose to mail liam these goodies.

Here is a link to their webpage. They have amazing goodies from diaper bags to stroller accessories and much more.

Here is the link to the beige Ines lunch bag

Here is the link to the beige Ines suitcase

Link to Birth book (not pictured)

Here is the link to the teddy bear pacifier/clip

Here is the link to the stuffed bear/toys

If your looking to purchase in the US I recommend going through luli.bebe to get the items but defiantly check the Pasito website for all the cute stuff they have and also to see where the nearest boutique that sells in your country.

Liam’s cashmere hat/ pramsuit & blanket is linked in my last post.

Stroller is by stokke.

Thanks so much for checking out my post, see you soon !

Xo, J

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