Bébé and cashmere

There is something so sweet about a little bebé or toddler dressed in cashmere and fur. I’ve always loved neutral tones on on babies even for myself and trying to step away from to much color. Especially when it comes to the little ones closet I personally think the more neutral outfits the easier they are to style and to mix it up so the outfits are not on a constant repeat.

I fell in love with this beautiful cashmere pram suit by the brand mini muse. Before the brand even posted anything on their instagram (which I remember stumbling across their page and likening the first 3 photos). The beautiful @allthingsvictoria sent me a few shots of the items before they had posted on the site and guys I was dreaming! Then came Christmas time and the brand was doing an amazing discount on their whole site but for some reason I just couldn’t bite the bullet just because Liam already had some new pieces and I was trying to be good during the crazy holiday shopping. Fast forward to now the brand does a sweet collab with Victoria and they offer another promotion code. So as crazy as I can be I kept asking Victoria and bugging her to see if I should get this cute set and with her “blessing” lol I went for it.

This little back story is just to show how I’m definitely not a spontaneous shopper. I like to think and think for ages before I take the plunge and when it comes to things that are not cheap I think it’s important. I believe the promotion is still happening for all the items in this shop and personally this pram suit is worth every penny. It’s thick, soft and so beautiful. Our weather is in the 80s right now so I’m hoping for the cold days we get in March that liam will wear it. It’s pretty big or generous in size and I’m really hoping it fits him next winter as well, I mean he fit into the 12 months mebi pram suit so I think the investment was worth it and hopefully if there is ever another little bundle of joy it will get passed down.

Here is the link to the beige cashmere pram suit!


Here is the link to the beige cashmere pom blanket!


Here is the link to Liam’s cashmere baby hat in the color cream!


Here is the link to Liam’s cashmere teddy!


Also check out these brands on IG! This isn’t sponsored by any means I just love beautiful cashmere bebé pieces and on occasion I’ll get questions where something is from. This is why I created this blog in the first place so that we can all share amazing products and make life just a little be easier.

If you do purchase from mini muse use these codes below to receive a discount!

20% off use code Victoria off 200€ or more

15% off use code Victoria15 off the whole site

Ends last day of February so order before to get some good deals!

Oscar et valentine is another beautiful French cashmere brand I love and is doing a 50% off so check them out on some of their summer pieces.

mi_loves_ always has amazing cashmere hats definitely recommend checking this British brand out!

Thanks for checking out my blog post, come back again.



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