Be My Valentine

I’ve never really been big on celebrating Valentine’s Day, but it seems the older I’m getting the more I realize that a special day set aside doesn’t hurt to have just for the ones you love.

If your a mama like me then you probably love it even more now, because of all the cute activities your kids will do in school and bring home. All the adorable photos you can take of your little ones (which now I am starting a tradition with these red and pink heart shaped balloons from my local dollar tree). Liam is at the cute and fun age where everything is silly and funny and I just adore capturing it all.

I love the mommy and me time we have. So we did a mini photoshop on my iPhone behind a home goods (of all places) because that wall was just to perfect. Sometimes doing little things like getting a few balloons and taking a quick photo may not seem like much but down the road you will notice how precious those sweet little moments were.

|Liam’s outfit|

Cashmere hat in cappuccino | @mi_loves_

Ruffled navy Bodysuit | misha and puff

Grey Cashmere knit | zara boy (sold out)

Cream Cashmere leggings | Oscar et valentine

Shoes | age of innocence

Angel wings | (shop is officially closed but the owner will be selling patterns soon) you can find her on Instagram.

My Outfit |

Pink blazer | AX Armani Exchange

Pink Scarf | Louis Vuitton

White blouse, grey knit & hat| Abercrombie & Fitch

Faux leather leggings | Nordstrom rack

Boots | Stuart weitzman OTK highland

Bag | Chanel

Travel suitcase | Pasito a Pasito

Happy V day lovelies , come back and visit for my next posts!



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