Manhattan, NY

Day 3: Friday

What’s on the agenda, Top of the Rock, Ladureé, central park, shopping!

Disclaimer: My memory is getting slighted faded at this point, but I will try my best to remember the whole entire day. I’m pretty sure there will be a few details that I will miss, but as always I’ll be as detailed as possible. Did you grab a snack? No ? Well I would advice you do because this post will most likely be pretty long.

Our wake up call, and getting out of the hotel was basically by 9am. Getting a good nights rest is pretty hard when your not in the comfort of your own home in your own bed, at least for myself I have noticed I am most comfortable in my own bed, in my home snuggled up with my most comfortable blanket and pillow. So since it’s the last day of being in New York I knew we had to see what was finally on my travel list! TOP OF THE ROCK! Have lunch at Ladureé, and maybe get some shopping in as well!

Since I didn’t want to miss going up to the top of the rock again, the night before I made reservations online and purchased our tickets. Honestly I recommend doing that if your tying to time everything out, other then that there are always slots open during the day, it just wasn’t in our schedule so I and super glad we did it first thing in the morning.

Before going up to the top of the rock there is a video that you watch about how Rockefeller center was built etc. Also it goes by groups everyone has to stay and watch while people go up the elevator about 8-12 humans at a time. Once you go up there are two levels the lower level is where there is glass around the building, if you want to have a more clear background then go to the top level. You get to see the whole manhattan from all angles. One side has the empire state building while the other side has the whole central park.The view is out of this world. For anyone who is thinking to go there I highly recommend it. Thanks to my beautiful Instagram friend @allthingsvictoria for basically giving me a must “to do list” in the city. This was something I was looking so forward to and it didn’t disappoint. Next time I go to New York city I am definitely going back and getting tons of pictures.

After our awesome view, the next to do of my list was having lunch at Ladureé, this is basically every persons place to visit if your a huge french pasty lover as I am. One thing I regret from the get go is that we didn’t do the bus tour. Personally its easy you just get on the bus and it makes stops throughout manhattan. As long as you have the map and know exactly where it stops it will save some time. We ended up doing it on the last day because my feet where killing me and I was just tired of following my hubby around lol. No joke I had blisters on my feet and I don’t think he got it. Ive mentioned this in my lasts posts that if you have a schedule try to stick to it so you get as much out of the city as you can. Yes you can just start from one point and keep walking but us being there for 3 days we managed to get 25 miles of walking. That is quit a lot and its not worth it because your so exhausted from walking you won’t enjoy the city, shopping or anything else for that matter.

Ladureé has the best latte, honestly I’m still craving it. The pastry are out of this wold stunning, for all the macaroon lovers this place is for you. I can’t remember exactly what my husband and I ordered but personally we both were not that impressed. The service was a bit slow too and I wouldn’t say they where that busy either. If it seems I have high expectations when I eat out thats because I do. I am a major foodie but I also believe highly in excellent customer service. Would I go back there? Yes I would, and I would most likely try something different from the menu or even go just for desserts.

My husband and I ended up going on the TOP tour bus, we didn’t get a chance to make it to the statue of liberty ferry because it took us to long to figure out what we wanted to do. I want to walk less and my husband wanted to walk more lol. We still managed to walk a lot that day so truthfully I regret paying for the tour bus but we did spend a good hour on it driving though manhattan, Soho, West Village, Chinatown, Chelsea etc.

Taking the tour bus at least for one day is nice that you can see everything at once. The views from the top of the bus are pretty cool. We got to see the Empire state building, one world trade center, the new York public library, Penn station, grand central station, pass through Bryant park, Flat Iron building, my favorite was passing through fashion Ave. Just to see so much in such a short time frame is pretty cool. Hands down my favorite was the streets of Soho. Something about it just made me feel alive and also made me miss the city so much.

After having lunch we continue to walk because we couldn’t figure out the next bus stop. And my husband isn’t one to wait, he would just keep walking so I basically ended up following him around lol. Funny now but it wasn’t funny then, seriously my poor feet.

The last on my to do list was to see and walk through central park. Well since we ended up walking from Soho to Central park I was officially done from walking. Im a little sad we didn’t actually walk through central park or do the free bike rental that came as part of the bus tour package (btw another reason why its worth getting a bus tour because so much in included, even for one day I say its worth the experience) although we didn’t go in and walk around I am pretty happy that we still managed to go there. By this time the day was coming to an end. We went into about 3-4 Zara stores and I think from how tired  I was there was no interest to shop.

For dinner time another place Victoria recommended was going into the “fancy food court” at the plaza hotel. She was so right and I am so glad we went there. I don’t have any pictures saved since everything was on my IG story, but I’m pretty sure you can google and get an idea of what kinds of restaurants and small food courts they have. I had the tuna poke salad bowl and it’s the best one I’ve ever had. Victoria also recommended these little donuts with the “Paris” flavor and they hit the spot. Once hubby and I ate we basically just continued to explore the beautiful city. We walked into trump tower but everything was basically closed except the Starbucks. We went into so many different coffee shops during our trip, I don’t think I have ever drank so much caffeine in my life, well worth it!

By the end of our day we got back to the hotel around 8, i was pooped, so my husband ended up checking out a close pizza place that had the nest ratings. We basically had to hit the bed early as our wake up call was at 4am.

If you have made it all the way down here high five! I tend to get carried away with these long posts so I will try to keep them shorter in the future. I just get so excited about sharing that I want to make sure I put as much detail into it as possible!

Thanks for reading about my New York city experience. Leave a comment if you plan to go anytime soon and if any of my travel tips are helpful!

Xo, J

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