Hello NYC at last!

Ok, so this post was supposed to go up about two weeks ago, (or maybe more) and I actually had a whole post finished with pictures added so nicely when my app decided to crash on me. I know its totally my fault for not saving what I had written but what can you do here I am now trying to remember all the details of our trip, my memory is already faded (mom brain maxed out) but I’ll try to be as detailed as possible.

Day 1: Wednesday, November 1st 2017

We flew in to New York (JFK airport) around 1pm, knowing that we would have maybe half a day to actually explore I wanted to get as much done as possible in that short amount of time. The plan originally was to explore and see the brooklyn bridge etc. The plans didn’t go as planned (how many times can I say plan?) because it took us a hour from the airport via (airport) bus to get to our hotel. Except we didn’t get to our hotel in a hour, it took us an additional hour to get to the hotel because my wonderful husband decided it would be best to walk the streets since (instead of take a shuttle to the hotel as our drop off was at Bryant Park )and our hotel was (hotel Pennsylvania) it was maybe 10 blocks. I can’t blame him because it wasn’t fully his fault. During our trip we realized you can’t trust your phone or the map it’s so easy to get lost and go the wrong way. Maybe it was just us but somehow we managed to walk up and down 5th,6th and 7th street (a lot) during the whole 3 days lol.

While wondering around the city with our carry on luggage our check in to our hotel was at 3, we got there after because we managed to get lost, and stop for Starbucks but honestly if your in New York ever, never get starbucks not because its bad but because there are so many coffee shops why even bother. For those who may not know but hotel Pennsylvania is right across from Madison square garden which is were we stayed. When booking our trip I wanted to stay as close to budget as possible but also be in a prime location. I read so many reviews on so many hotels they all became a blur to me. I had about 3 that I kept going back and forth between but one day the hotel had a pretty fair price and well I just decided to take advantage.

The reviews on this hotel are spot on. After staying there honestly I would not recommend it even if you are like us and you are planning to be out and explore the city. You still want to come back and rest. I just felt like we stayed in a motel 6. When I was researching the prices for hotels I found it rather odd that specifically on the weekend we planned to go the prices of every hotel was through the roof. It was after halloween so honestly I didn’t understand. Our 3 nights cost us over $500. Maybe that is fair but I’m so picky that for me, I just can’t say it was a steal or bargain for that matter. Two weeks from that the prices on that specific hotel was half. So if you take away anything I would say book your trip carefully on the weekend you plan to go. Don’t overpay for a hotel even of the location because truthfully we walked everywhere that it didn’t really matter where we stayed.

If you want to see (statue of liberty, empire state building, chinatown, soho, rockefeller center, take pictures at the top of the rock etc) honestly be prepared to do walking or at least using a (VIA, Uber) service. Also if your not a pro on the subway its not worth it. You can easily get lost and waste so much money. Each time you get on and off its $3.  We also did that on day 2 which I will talk about.

Ok, totally went of subject but I wanted to be as clear as day.

Checking into the hotel wasn’t as long as I expected. The line was long but it went quick. We had a very warm welcome from the front desk got our key and I was so excited to know we had a room on the 17th floor. I couldn’t imagine the view. I mean 17th floor can you? Once we got off the elevator the hall was rather dark and smelled of strong cigarette smell, and weed. Yup you heard me Weed! The more we walked and got to our room the smell was so awful that honestly I wanted to pass out. The room was HORRIBLE. No blankets on the bed, it smelled so bad like someone had a smoking party, it was dark. It was like in the movies where someone kills somebody. Not trying to exaggerate but now I wish that I had some proof, I’m sure if I google there is plenty. I called the front desk and asked to be put in a different room in hopes that we might get a remodeled room as stated on some reviews. Well this time we went to the 10th floor. The room was slightly better but still outdated. If I was to like one thing about this hotel it would be the vault doors in every room. They are from 1912, it just made me feel like we went back in time. The hotel is very old and with some remodeling it could be a great place to stay but I wouldn’t go back.

Once we left the hotel it was more walking but we didn’t mind. We walked past Bryant park, saw the New York public library and Rockefeller plaza and got to take in all of the amazing views, then it was time to grab something to eat. We didn’t go far, while walking down the street passing a burger joint and it was already starting to get chilly so hubby and I wanted some comfort food and we went in. We both ordered the same thing except on my burger I requested with a brioche bun and not the one on the menu version. The burger we both had was rated best burgers by CNN on the menu (rated top 10). Honestly I have to say it was amazing. Maybe I’m saying it because we spent all day traveling and exploring but I would highly recommend for anyone going there to give it a try. (Bill’s bar and burger is the name of the restaurant.)

While we explored the streets, we saw the beautiful New York city library. We didn’t go in thinking there is plenty of time to walk around and we can see it another day (which we honestly didn’t have time) the beautiful architecture is picture worthy. We did manage to go into the cathedral which I’ll have to remember the name and wow was it beautiful. They had mass while we walked it but I’m so glad we saw it.

We ended up exploring time square, I honestly thought it would be bigger in person as I’ve seen in so many times in shoes and movies I guess in my head it would have been way bigger but none the less it was worth seeing. Another little stop we made before heading back to the hotel was getting a dessert at Lady M on the lower level of the Rockefeller building. This place was referred to me as many of our trip tips by the stunning @allthingsvictoria on Instagram. Before our trip she had sent me a text of a list with places to see, things to do, and most of all where to eat. I wish we could of crossed more off that list but it gives me another reason to go back.

Lady M is basically a bakery for crepe cakes. They are heavenly. First of all I love crepes so thats already a win in my book, but secondly they had a chestnut version for the fall time and I couldn’t pass it up. Still to this day my mouth waters when I think about it. I currently have a box of chestnuts in the fridge that I’m hoping to attempt and make a cake for myself lol.

One thing I love about New York besides all the sightseeing is that there is so many cafe shops and bakeries. I honestly had never drank so much coffee in a day. 2-3 cups I couldn’t fit it in my body but it was so good to pass up.

The first day seemed to go by quick for us, as we headed back to the room to get a good nights rest for a full day of exploring the next day, falling asleep to the never ending sounds of taxi drivers honking and all that city noise. I honestly couldn’t believe I finally made it to New York.

Maybe to some it might seem silly, but just imagine the expectations and dreaming of walking in the city. I was one happy girl.

Stay tuned for blog post 2 for our second day trip. With pictures followed, comment and let me know what your favorite places are in NYC. Did you go to any of the spots we saw, ate or explored?

Xo, J

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