Look whose ONE!

My baby boy turned one, you think the first year time won’t go so fast but it seems like it completely flys. I feel like just yesterday I was planning my (first born) first birthday. Yet that was 8+ years ago and here I am doing it all over again. I noticed I’m doing a lot of things I wish I had the chance to do first time around, your learn as you go I suppose. When it came to planning Liam’s first birthday I had a few themes in mind. One was a vintage prince theme because I always wanted it do it with Adriel but never did. Another ways a simple and cute hot air balloon theme but I was afraid it would get to technical and I get really into the details so I decided to hold off, there is always next year right ? Few months before his birthday I went through my Pinterest board and I was inspired by simple arrangements, I wanted a vintage theme and after planning it out I decided on a vintage lemonade theme. Even my dad who by the way is in his late 60s said the decorations reminded him of his childhood living in Ukraine in a small village. All the galvanized decor brought some memories, and then he laughed because back then that’s what you had if you where poor, well now it’s totally in style. I wanted a home made stand so my dad built it for liam, most of the items we got from Home Depot except the wooden crates which I got from target they ended up being better quality then the ones I got from Home Depot which I returned. My dad sanded and spray painted it and I used most of the target decor which is in that dollar xention and t all came together. I can’t wait to plan more of Liam’s birthdays in the future but for now I just want to enjoy every minute with the sweetest little boy. I’m so thankful and grateful to be his mama and to have two wonderful little boys that I just adore so much. On a side note What is more cuter then a baby in a perfect little outfit, I think nothing and let’s not bring puppies into this lol. My favorite thing ever is to dress up my little liam when ever we go out of the house. Sometimes even when we don’t make it out I’ll dress him up all adorable and snap about a few hundred pictures on my phone because sometimes I just can’t help it. I still can’t believe my little nugget is already one. Where has the last 12+ months gone. I am just like any other mama afraid to blink and off to college he will go. So before I get all emotional here are just a few cute pictures of my little boy from his party just being his adorable self.


Xo, J

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